Arma Diaboli

D I S T R O  N E W S

Blaze of Perdition "The Burning Will…" 7"
Blaze of Perdition "Necrosophist" 7"
Coitus DiaboliI "Attakking Jehovah" 12"
Dirges "Altares De Sacrificio" 12"
Infernal Curse "Awakening Of The Damned" 12"
Kulto Maldito "En La Guerra Kon El Diablo" 7"
Morbid Macabre "Nails of Lust" 7"
Necroholocaust/Satanik Goat Ritual 10"
PEK "Worship and Obey" 7"
Propagator "Propagator" 7"
Stav "Meditate to kill" Gatefold 12"
Sargeist "The Dark Embrace" 7"
Alttari / Kadotus "Split" 7"
Omnizide "Pleasure from Death" 7"

Bestial Mockery "Slaying the life" Pic 12"
Blackdeath "Vortex" 12"
Blasphemophagher "The III Command of the Absolute Chaos" Pic 12"
Conqueror "War.Cult.Supremacy" Die Hard Metal Boxset
Dementia "Reticulation" 7"
Ignivomous "Contragenesis" 12"
Ignivomous "Death Transmutation" Pic 12"
Masacre "Metal Medallo Attack" Regular 12"
Morbosidad / Perversor Regular Split 12"
Revenge "Scum.Collapse.Eradication" Die hard Pic 12"
Revenge "Scum.Collapse.Eradication" Regular 12"
Wolok "Servum Pecus" 12"
Wrathprayer "Sun of Moloch" 12"

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E - M A I L


Korotkov Sergey
P.O.Box 17
127081 Moscow

Alien Devian Circus "En to pan omegas" [Funeral Industries]
Almighty Sathanas / Blasphemophagher / Tyrant's Blood "Tyrannous mutations of Sathanas" [Black Vomit]
Anal Blasphemy "Profane Fornication Ejaculation" [Hammer of Hate]
Anal Blasphemy / Necroslut [Hammer of Hate]
Anguished "Cold" [Hammer of Hate]
Archgoat "The light-devouring darkness" [Blashpemous underground]
Arckanum "11th anniversary" [Carnal]
Arckanum "Antikosmos" [Debemur Morti]
Arckanum "Helvitismyrkr" [Season of mist]
Arckanum "Kostogher" [FullMoon]
Arckanum "Trulen" [Carnal]
Armagedda "Echoes in eternity" [Agonia]
Armagedda "Volkermord" [Nordvis]
Armageddon "I.N.R.I."
Armour "Armour" [Primitive Reaction]
Ars Manifestia "The red Behind" [Black Seed]
Axis of Advance "Strike" [Die Todesrune]
Beherit "Engram" [Spinefarm]
Behexen "My soul for his glory" [Hammer of Hate]
Beleth / Moontower / Wings of war "Bestial holocaust" [Hell is Here]
Black Empire / Kratornas / Nakkiga / Xerion "Four concentric ways of the ancient cult [Satanic records]
Black Vomit "The faithful servant" [Azermedoth]
Blackwinged "Soul Deconstruction" [Hammer of Hammer]
Blaspherian "Allegiance to the will of damnation" [Die Todesrune]
Bloodhammer "Post-apocalypse trilogy" [Primitive Reaction]
Cacodaemon "Tales of demoncy" [Kaos propaganda]
Capitis Damnare "Black stigmatized" [Aural offerings]
Craft "Void" [Carnal]
Cryfemal "Apotheosis oculta" [Oniric]
Dark domination "Let Satan speak through our lips" [Witchcraft]
Deathspell Omega "Mass grave aesthetics" [NED]
Demonic Slaughter "Dignity of terror" [Arma Diaboli]
Devastator "Morbid force" [Die Todesrune]
Disjecta Membrae "Taedium vitae" [Black Mass]
Divina Inferis "Aura Damnation" [Primitive Reaction}
Divine Codex "Antematter" [War Arts]
Domains "Towards pleroma" [Black Mass]
Drastus "Serpent's chalice - materia prima" [EAL]
Evangelivm "Nightside of Eden" [Hammer of Hate]
Extinction "Down below the forg" [Todestrieb]
Funeral Winds "Godslayer Xul" [Die Todesrune]
Funeral Winds "Koude Haat" [Die Todesrune]
Gheestenland / Grim Funeral [Obscure Abhorrence]
Gravewurn / Hekseri [Obliteration]
Grimfaug "Defloration of the life's essence" [Eerie art]
Haemoth "In nomine odium" [Debemur Morti]
Holocaustia "The sacrament seed" [Unholy Horde Records]
Hypothermia "Kold" [Those opposed]
Impious Havoc "Maleficium" [Aphelion]
Incriminated "Hipocricide" [Primitive reaction]
Infinity "Nostalgia for the dark age" [Spectral Arts]
Inhumane Deathcult "On behalf of Satan" [Desecration towards damnation]
Isanmaa "Yli peltojen, vetten ja tumturien" [Primitive Reaction]
Jumalhamara "Slaughter the messenger" [Hammer of hate]
Katharsis "Kruzifixxion" [NED]
Khnuth "За порогом видений" [Nomos Dei]
Kythrone "Kult des todes" [Flamme Noir]
Leichtengott "Cyrograf" [Fragellum Haereticurum]
Lindisfarne "Vatican bitches" [Horned tomb]
Lord of Doubts "Gates of doom" [Sekt of Gnozis]
Lord of Doubts "S/T" [Sekt of Gnozis]
Maledictum "Inhuman muerte negra" [Tyrannus}
Mandatory "…where they bleed" [Asphyxiate]
March 15 "Our love becomes a funeral pyre" [Emissary]
Merciless Crucifixion "Aipesis" [Black Seed]
Musta Kappeli "Saatanassa ulooneet" [Primitive Reaction]
Mystes "From the battlefield / Pure evil" [Hell is here]
Mystes / Naburus / Nuclear thorn "Hellish whispers' [Hell is Here]
Nargaroth "Rasluka - Part I" [No Colours]
Nargaroth "Semper Fidelis" [No Colours]
Nartvind "Until their ruin" [Painkiller]
Necroplasma "Sit gloria domini saeculum" [Die Todesrune]
Necroslut "Black Deceiver" [Hammer of Hate]
Nekronoiz "Ayn-Soph" [Poisonous Sun]
Nekroholocaust "In memories of fire" [Mercenary Musil]
Neutron Hammer "Extermination kommand" [Primitive Reaction]
Nocturnal Blood "Devastated graves - The morbid celebration" [Hell's Headbangers]
Nocturnal Graves / Hell Spirit "The gravespirit sessions" [NWN!]
Nox Noctis "Искупление" [Arma Diaboli]
Obeisance "Unholy, unwholesome & evil"
Old Wainds "Death Nord Kult" [Debemur Morti]
Old Wainds "Religion of spiritual violence" [Negative Existance]
Old Wainds "Scalding coldness" [Negative Existance]
Old Wainds "Where the snows are neve gone…" [Negative Existance]
Perditor "Divine Riddles + patch" [Arma Diaboli]
Perditor "Divine Riddles" [Arma Diaboli]
Perditor "In signo suo" [Ordealis]
Pestilentia "Rotten" + patch [TSK]
Profanatica "Profanatitas de domonatia" [Hell's headbangers]
Pseudogod / Blaze of Perdition "In the void and serpent, the spirit is one" [N:C:U]
Pseudogod / Ill Omened / Gehangter jude / Teitanfyre "Four wings of blasphemy" [Sekt ov Gnozis]
Satanic Warmaster "…of the night" [No Colours]
Saturnian mist "Repelings" [Desecration towards damnations]
Scythian "To those who stand against us" [Necroterror]
Skjold "Fourteen years Hell!" [Ewiges Eis]
Spite Extreme Wing "Kosmokrator (Magnificat II) [Behemoth]
Taghut "Ejeculate on the holy qur'an" [Primitive reaction]
Teloch "Morbid prayer" [Desecration toward damnation]
The true endless "A climb to eternity" [Aphelion]
The true endless "Buried by time and dust" [Aphelion]
The true nihilist "The ancient forest… the forest of the forgotten wisdom" [Ridge of dragon]
the true Pantheon "Sectum" [TSK]
The wine of Satan: Volume II [Necroterror]
Twighlight Icon "Serpens misericordi nociva" [Poisonous Sun]
Udivine "A deceitful calm" [Aural Offerings]
Urgehal "Arma christi" [No Colours]
Valoton "Beastificate" [Hammer of Hate]
Varhhorn "Labyrints of darkness" [Cold Breath of Silence]
Vitsaus "Sielunmessu" [Hammer of Hate]
Vulturine "Ossos… Odio & Anguistia" [Nomos dei]
Warmarch "Pactum cum Diabolus" [Hexencave]


Abominator "Barbarian war worship" double 12" [NWN!]
Alttari / Kadotus "Split" [W.T.C] 7"
Arckanum "Fran Marder" Pic 12" [Hammer of Hate]
Arckanum / Sataros Grief gatefold Pic 7" [Carnal / Blut & Eisen]
Ascension "With burning tongues" 12" [W.T.C.]
Beherit "At the Devil's studio 1990" DIEHARD 12" [KVLT]
Bestial Mockery "Slaying the life" Pic 12" [Hell's Headbangers]
Black Witchery "Inferno of sacred destruction" black 12" [Osmose]
Black Witchery "Inferno of sacred destruction" red 12" [Osmose]
Blackdeath "Vortex" 12" [Northern Heritage]
Blasphemophagher "The III Command of the Absolute Chaos" Pic 12"+Booklet [NWN!]
Blaze of Perdition "The Burning Will…" [Pagan records] 7"
Blaze of Perdition "Necrosophist" [Pagan records] 7"
Bloodhammer / Korgonthurus 7" [W.T.C.]
Church Bizarre "The liberating darkness" gatefold 7" [Hell's headbangers]
Coitus DiaboliI "Attakking Jehovah" [Chalice of Blood Angel] 12"
Conqueror "War.Cult.Supremacy" Die Hard Metal Boxset [NWN!]
Conqueror / Black Witchery "Hellstorm of evil vengeance" 12" [NWN!]
Cult Of Daath [Slit Throats and Ritual Nights" Double 12" [NuclearWarNow!]
Decrepit / Nunslaughter / Dana Sixty / Doktor Bitch "To hell with cleaveland vol.1" 7" [Hell's headbangers]
Dementia "Reticulation" 7" [NWN!]
Denouncement Pyre "World cremation" gatefold 12" [Hells Headbangers]
Denouncement Pyre / Diocletian "Chaos Rising" [Forgotten Wisdom]
Dirges "Altares De Sacrificio" [Chalice of Blood Angel] 12"
Domini Inferi / Warhate "Awaken(Beast most foul)" [NWN!]
Dusken "Pyrimanes" 12" [W.T.C.]
Embrace of Thorns "Atonement ritual" gatefold 12" [NWN!]
Envenom "Christfukk" 7" [Iron Bonehead]
Evilangel / The Spawn of Satan 7" [Hell's headbangers]
Funeral Winds "Godlayer XUL" 12" [Death to mankind]
Funeral Winds "Koude Haat" 12" [Death to mankind]
Goatpenis "Inhumanization" gatefold 12" [Die Todesrune]
Hate Forest "Dead but dreaming" 12" [Primitive Reaction]
Ignivomous "Contragenesis" 12" [NWN!]
Ignivomous "Death Transmutation" Pic 12" [NWN!]
Infernal Curse "Awakening Of The Damned" [Chalice of Blood Angel] 12"
Inquisition "Into infernal regions of the ancient cult" double splatter 12" TOME edition [Hell's headbangers]
Inquisition "Ominous doctrines of the perpetual mystical macrocosm" double 12" [Hells Headbangers]
Inquisition "Ominous doctrines of the perpetual mystical macrocosm" double pic 12" DELUXE edition
Inquisition "Ominous doctrines of the perpetual mystical macrocosm" double splatter 12" TOME edition
Kerasphorus "Cloven hooves at hol.ocaust dawn" 10" [NWN!]
Kerberos / Sadistic Grimness "Split cunt of virgin mary" [Ordealis]
Kratornas "Subterranean sodomies" 7" [Ordealis]
Kulto Maldito "En La Guerra Kon El Diablo" 7"
Maligh "Divine facing / Fireborn" 12" [NED]
Mantak "Diabolical psycholust" gatefold 12" [Chalice of blood angel]
Masacre "Metal Medallo Attack" Regular 12"+Booklet [NWN!]
Morbid Macabre "Nails of Lust" [Chalice of Blood Angel] 7"
Morbosidad "Cojete a dios por el culo" pic 12" [Hell's headbangers]
Morbosidad / Perversor Regular Split 12" [NWN!]
Nattfog / Nekrorist ss 12" [Primitive Reaction] 
Necroholocaust/Satanik Goat Ritual [Chalice of Blood Angel] 10"
Necroplasma "Sit Gloria Domini Saeculum" 12" [Die Todesrune]
Nefandus "Death Holy Death" Gatefold 12" [W.T.C.]
Nocturnal Blood "Devastated graves – the morbid celebration" gatefold 12" [Hells Headbangers]
Nocturnal Vomit "Arts of Tenebrous Superstition" 7" [Terror from Hell]
Nuclear Hammer / Sickrites 7" [Chalice of Blood Angel]
Nunslaughter "Metal assault in Brisbane" 7" [Hell's headbangers]
Nunslaughter "Metal assault on Melbourne" double 7" [Hell's headbangers]
Nunslaughter "The supreme beast" 7" [Ordealis]
Nunslaughter / Bloodsick pic 7" [Hell's headbangers]
Nunslaughter / Dr.Shrinker pic 7" [Hell's headbangers]
Nunslaughter / Rabid pic 7" [Hell's headbangers]
Omnizide "Pleasure from Death" [Carnal] 7"
PEK "Worship and Obey" [Chalice of Blood Angel] 7"
Perditor "In signo suo" 12" [Ordealis]
Pest(Ger} "Pest" 12" [Bird of ill omen]
Profanatica "Disgusting Blasphemies against god" gatefold clear 12" [Hell's headbangers]
Profanatica "Profanatitas de domonatia" pic 12" [Hell's headbangers]
Propagator "Propagator" [Chalice of Blood Angel] 7"
Revenge "Scum.Collapse.Eradication" Die hard Pic 12" [NWN!]
Revenge "Scum.Collapse.Eradication" Regular 12" [NWN!]
Sacrificia Mortuorum "Damnatorium ferrum" 12" [Apparitia]
Sadomator "Infinite goatsower" gatefold 7" [Iron Bonehead]
Sargeist "The Dark Embrace" [Moribund] 7"
Spektr "Et fugit interea fugit irrepacabile tempus"gatefold 12" [Panic Terror Musik]
Spetalsk "Spetalsk" gatefold 12" [Carnal/Blut&Eisen]
Stav "Meditate to kill" [Chalice of Blood Angel] Gatefold LP
Swine "Marked by baron" 12" [Grief Foundation]
The One "S/T" 7" [Necroterror]
Throne of Katharsis "An eternal dark horizon" double 12" [Blut & Eisen]
Throne of Katharsis "Helvete - det iskalde morket" double 12" [Blut & Eisen]
Throne of Katharsis "Unholy Holocaustwinds" gatefold 10" [Warfront]
Typhus "Profound blasphemous proclamation" gatefold 12" [Fog of apocalypse / Eternity]
Verivala "Kalliolle, Kukkulalle" 12" [W.T.C.]
Vinterriket "Landschaften ewiger einsamkeit" 10" [Aphelion]
Wolfnacht "Zeit der Cherusker" Gatefold 12" [Evil Rising]
Wolok "Servum Pecus" 12" [Insidious Poisoning]
Wrathprayer "Sun of Moloch" 12" [NWN!]

Black Plague 666 A5 zine (English)
Gallery of Grotesque #5 A4 huge zine-almanac (English)
Gullveigarbok (by Vexior/Shaamatae) occult book (English) [Fall of man]
Left Hand Path A4 zine (English)
Nigraapocalipsis A5 zine (English)
Riddle of Steel #4 "Shadows in Winter Solitude" A4 zine (English)
StrataNael MegaSin I A4 zine (English)
StrataNael MegaSin II A4 zine (English)
Temple of Adoration #6 A4 zine (English)
Temple of Adoration #7 issue "Seventh Blasphemy" A4 zine (English)
Terror Cult Zine #2 A5 zine (English)
Words of nonexistence #2 "We are Sathanas" A5 zine (Russian)
Words of nonexistence #3 "Third word" A5 zine (Russian)
Words of nonexistence #4 "Timeless Reing of Death" A5 zine (Russian)